Burtonsville in Crisis:
Solutions for Revitalization

7. Conclusion

Burtonsville Needs Residential Housing

The crisis in Butonsville can only be solved with new residential housing.  The sooner, the better.  The County Planners' position that the RC zone, which is located next to a shopping center with a number of four-story office buildings surrounded by major highways and bisected with large ten-story transmission towers, is "rural" in nature is absurd.  This area is no longer rural, nor are there any environmental issues standing in the way of development as some are pretending.

The only solution to revitalizing Burtonsville is to bring in new residential housing and people as soon as possible.  There is no other solution.  Without more people to support the local merchants, the area cannot become stabilized or revitalized. 

Without more people living in Burtonsville, there can be no real solution to the crisis.  There is no reason to evaluate neighborhood "connectivity" for pedestrians as the County Planners' propose, if there are no people that live in town.  The County Planners have failed in their efforts to provide a "more balanced and livable" community.

The solution the Planners have proposed is worthless.  They do not understand the situation, and have offered nothing to resolve it.  Unwilling to address the real issues and try to resolve them, the Planners have wasted a lot of time and resources.  The State caused this problem with the realignment of the Route 29 bypass and the County has made matters worse by failing to promote residential development that is so necessary to revitalize this town.  Burtonsville needs more housing, not more parks.

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