Burtonsville in Crisis:
Solutions for Revitalization

8. Sign Petition

Sign the On-line Petition
to be Submitted to the County Council


TO:              County Council
                    Montgomery County

SUBJECT:   Change RC Zoning to Allow
                    Townhouses in Burtonsville


I just signed the following petition addressed to Montgomery County Council, in Rockville, Maryland

Burtonsville is dying for lack of people. The realignment of the Route 29 bypass removed 50,000 cars per day from the center of Burtonsville, and now the commercial zones do not have enough support to survive.

This crisis has been ongoing for over seven years and the local planners and politicians have been unwilling to address this problem. The solution is obvious:  Burtonsville needs a residential core. They need people to support the commercial centers. 

Fortunately, there is a 40-acre site next to the Burtonsville Crossing shopping center (which is 70% vacant), on Old Columbia Pike, should be developed for residential housing. This is the most obvious way to revitalize and stimulate this failing town. Burtonsville has no residential core.  It needs people.  Now.

Save Burtonsville! Allow development in North Burtonsville, next to the Shopping Center on Old Columbia Pike.

Concerned Citizen
to save Burtonsville!

An on-line petition was created at, under "Save Burtonsville," to promote residential development on the 40-acre tract of land next to the Burtonsville Crossing shopping center.


1.  SUPPORT new housing next to the Burtonsville Crossing shopping center;

2.  Sign the On-line Petition;

3.  Contact the County Council members;
4.  Tell your friends and neighbors.

5.  County Council vote expected in December.

For more information, see County Council Agenda.
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