Burtonsville in Crisis:
Solutions for Revitalization

3. The Solution

Burtonsville Needs Residential Housing to Survive

The solution to the crisis is simple and obvious:  Burtonsville needs more residential housing to survive.  Without more people, the local businesses cannot survive, much less prosper.  The realignment of the Route 29 bypass sent many shoppers away from Burtonsville and steered them North toward Maple Lawn and Columbia.  The solution is to find a way to get them back as fast as possible. 

One of the proposed site plans for the land next to the Burtonsville Crossing shopping center shows approximately 230 townhouse units, while another site plan shows 115 townhouses and 76 single-family homes.  Other site plans show more density, including multi-family apartments.  These plans are shown below.

Regardless of which plan is approved, the object is to establish a residential core North of the commercial area on Route 29A.  Burtonsville needs a residential core.  The sooner, the better.  This is the plan that will have the most impact to save the town.

The development of housing in North Burtonsville will:

•  revitalize the neglected Northern corridor (Route 29A);

•  stabilize the shopping centers and support the commercial zones;

•  create jobs and stimulate the local economy;

•  increase the County's tax base.

Proposed community in RC Land North of Burtonsville
(76 single-family units, 115 townhouses)

Proposed community in RC Land North of Burtonsville
(230 townhouses)
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